AP Automation is a feature within Restaurant365 where Vendors can send emails with documents directly to your R365 instance via your R365-generated Documents to process Email. This email address is unique to your organization and is automatically set up for you.

Vendors who will utilize this feature must have their email addresses whitelisted on the 'AP Processing Email' tab of System Preferences. When emails with attachments are sent to this email address, Restaurant365 will recognize the attachment(s) and determine what actions can be taken. Attachments that cannot be automatically imported as AP Transactions (EDI) will be routed to the Documents to Process list.


Users with the following Permission will be able to access AP Processing Email tab:

  • Administration → System Setup → System Preferences → View/Edit AP Processing Email Settings

Learn more about managing Permissions and Custom User Roles here. The Permission Access report can be used to determine which User Roles or Users already have these Permissions assigned. Learn more about User Setup and Security here.



AP Automation must first be set up from the 'AP Processing Email' tab on the System Preference screen. To open this tab, hover over the 'Administration' menu in the top ribbon and select 'Preferences'. When System Preferences opens, navigate to the 'AP Processing Email' tab.

Set up AP Automation

Assign all required values on the 'AP Processing Email' screen and Save. Click here for more information on System Preferences: AP Processing Email.

Documents to Process: Supported File Types

Only certain file types (under 1.5 MB) can be uploaded and processed. Click here for more information on Supported File Types and Server-side Processing Times.

Documents to Process: Uploading Files via AP Automation

Supported File Types can be emailed to the AP Automation Email address for automatic upload in to Restaurant365. Click here for more information on Uploading Files via AP Automation.

User-Created Email Addresses

If your Organization is utilizing a third party email account that Restaurant365 monitors, view the following articles for a successful connection:

  • Entering in the correct POP Settings is crucial for a successful import of AP Invoices. Click here to learn more about Common Webmail Provider POP Settings
  • If your organization utilizes Gmail or the Google G Suite, additional Email settings must be in place to correctly utilize Gmail/G Suite Email addresses. Click here for more information on Gmail Settings