Advanced Budgeting in Restaurant365 allows Users to build and customize budgets to meet the needs of their organization. Budgets can be created for both Balance Sheet and Profit & Loss Statement Accounts. Budgets can be created from prior year actuals or from a blank template. This training article will provide an overview of the Advanced Budgeting feature in R365 with links to specific articles covering every aspect of Advanced Budgeting.


The permissions listed here are associated with Budgets. These permissions can be added to custom user roles or individual users. Learn more about managing permissions and custom user roles.


Budgets permissions are found in the permission tree as follows:

  • General Ledger
    • Budgets
      • View Budgets
      • Edit Budgets
      • Create Budgets
      • Delete Budgets
      • Lock/Unlock Budgets

The Permission Access report can be used to determine which user roles or users already have these permissions assigned.


Learn more about User Setup and Security.


View or edit an existing budgetCreate a new budget
From Reports section of the left navigation menu, select Budgets.
The Budgets table appears and displays all existing budgets for your organization.
Selecting a budget from the table opens the Advanced Budgeting page for the selected budget.

From the top ribbon menu, hover over Account and select Budget.
The Advanced Budgeting page appears.

Budget Parameters Page

This article details all of the fields and parameters on the Budget Parameters page. This information is also included on the Creating a New Budget article.

Create a New Budget   

Budgets can be created for both P&L accounts and balance sheet accounts and can start with blank values, PY actuals, or be copied from another budget. For more information, see Creating a New Budget.

About Fields and Controls in Budgeting

The Budgets Page article details all of the fields and controls on in Budgets, which displays a list of all existing budgets. 

The Advanced Budgeting Page article explains fields and controls in Advanced Budgeting, which allows users to create, view, and edit a budget.

The Budget Account Details Page article defines fields and controls found in Budget Account Details.

Completing and Updating Budgets

Once a budget has been created, it must be completed. Completing and Updating Budgets explains how to complete budgets as well as make updates to existing budgets.