Restaurant365 Customers can have their Daily Sales Summaries re-imported easily, regardless of whether their POS Systems are Cloud or non-Cloud-Based.

It is important to note that an existing DSS must be deleted before re-import. To delete a DSS, select the necessary DSS(s) and click the 'Delete Selected' button above the Daily Sales Summary list view, as shown below.

This article discusses the following: 

  1.  Reasons for Re-Import
  2.  Repolling Window (Both Cloud and Non-Cloud-Based Systems)
  3.  For Repolling Data Older than 30 Days in the Past (Cloud-Based Systems)
  4.  Import Tool (Non-Cloud-Based Systems)

Reasons for Re-Import

The main reasons that a Daily Sales Summary would need to be re-imported would be due to a change made in the POS or a GL Account mapping change. By default, the integration will automatically re-poll when a DSS has a $0 Net Sales or when a DSS is simply missing. However, when other reasons occur, simply re-polling a DSS can often times resolve these initial issues. With these in mind, review more details about them below:

  • $0 Net Sales- When a DSS has $0 Net Sales in Restaurant365, a problem typically exists with the data received by the integration agent, or the restaurant Location. The creation of the DSS indicates that the connection is made, but that there was a problem with the integration agent's communication. Reasons for this miscommunication are:
    1.  Files that the POS generates for the integration were not available to the integration agent
    2.  The connection to the POS data was not available
    3.  POS End of Day process was not run 
    4.  The restaurant was actually closed
  • Missing DSS- When a DSS is missing from Restaurant365, it is because the POS integration agent cannot successfully call back to Restaurant365 to submit its data, so the system does not know there is anything to be processed since nothing was sent. Reasons for the integration agent not calling back:
    1.  The Firewall at the restaurant Location is preventing communication back to Restaurant365
    2.  The restaurant computer is turned off or disconnected from the internet
    3.  The task that manages running the integration schedule for the integration client was disabled, changed, deleted, or was not triggered
  • Recommendation of an R365 Representative - At times, a DSS issue may be more intricate than first expected but can be fixed easily by repolling the DSS. If you or your R365 Representative believe this to be the case, you can easily repoll the DSS by completing the steps in the following section

Repolling Window: Both Cloud and Non-Cloud-Based Systems

The Repolling window is the easiest way to have a Daily Sales Summary re-imported.

To open the Repoll window, hover over 'Administration' in the top ribbon and click 'Repoll DSS's'. When the window opens, click the day range and Location that the request is made for and click 'Submit'.

  • Note: A User is able to select up to 7 days for a re-poll. Beyond that, R365 Support should be contacted.

1) Start Date - The date of the first DSS that needs to be re-polled

2) End Date - The date of the last DSS that needs to be re-polled. If only one date needs to be re-polled, the End Date should be the same as the Start Date

  • Note: A User is able to select up to 7 days for a re-poll. Beyond that, R365 Support should be contacted

3) Locations - A listing of all Locations. Select the Locations that need re-polling

4) Submit - This button will submit the request. A confirmation message or an error message will appear, depending on if this is the first time the request is being processed or if it is still pending

5) Pending Tab - This tab displays the details of all re-poll requests made. Only the requests made in the past 7 days will be displayed

6) Completed Tab - This tab displays the details of all completed requests made and their statuses. There are two statuses that can be listed on this tab:

  • Completed - The DSS was generated
  • Retry Timeout - The re-poll request has been retried for a number of times and the DSS has failed to generate. You can then submit a new request to try again or contact R365 Supportfor additional help
    • Note: If the 'Requester' on this tab is labeled 'System', that means that the system recognized a missing DSS and automatically requested a re-poll 

7) Location - The Location of the request

8) Repoll Date - The date of the request

9) Created Date - The date the request was made

10) Requester - The User who made the request

11) Status - The status of the request

12) ETA - The estimated date and time that the DSS will be re-polled

13) Refresh - This button will refresh the listing to display the most recent requests

For Repolling Data Older than 30 Days in the Past

As the repoll tool is only able to retrieve DSS data 30 days in the past, please contact R365 Support and include the following details to get DSS data older than 30 days from the current day repolled:

  • Restaurant365 URL:
  • Location Name / Number:
  • Date(s) of missing DSS(s):

Import Tool: Non-Cloud-Based Systems

For all non Cloud-based POS systems, a user can perform the manual re-import by accessing the R365 Operation Import Tool installed on the Back Office Computer of the Restaurant Location.  This is the same Computer that was accessed by the Restaurant365 POS Integration team during the POS Integration.

To perform a manual re-import, the User should double-click on the R365 Import icon:


Before attempting to re-import manually, and before contacting Restaurant365 Support, please review the article Troubleshooting tips for missing DSSs.

When R365 Import icon is clicked, a prompt will open where a start date and end date can be entered to specify the range of days needed for re-import.  After entering the date range, click the  'Import' button to initiate the import.

Depending upon the internet connection speed and how many transactions occurred at the Restaurant Location for this date range, the import may take between 1 and 5 minutes to complete. A progress bar will appear while the import process is taking place. The import tool will close itself automatically when the import is complete.

Upon completion of the import, the newly re-imported DSS files will be present in the Operations Module of Restaurant365.