Restaurant365 provides a hosted FTP site for each Customer Database. FTP stands for File Transfer Protocol and allows Vendors, Customers, and R365 Users to Upload acceptable files in to their instance. The FTP Site serves three purposes for Customers:

  1.  Vendor/Customer Automatic Imports via EDI
  2.  Documents to Process Uploads
  3. Mass deposit upload for DSS

Each Customer Instance will have a unique FTP Site with unique FTP Credentials. These credentials would have been provided to the project lead during implementation.  

  • Note: Please contact R365 Support for any inquiries regarding FTP Site Credentials.

Security & Navigation

Any individual that has been provided the FTP Site credentials can access the FTP Site for the specific Customer. Restaurant365 User Roles do not effect access to the FTP Site.

The FTP Site is only accessible via an FTP Client. It is not accessed within Restaurant365.

Importing Vendor and Customer Invoices via FTP

Vendors can deliver electronic invoices directly to a Customers FTP Site via EDI. Click here for more information on EDI, and Importing Transactions via FTP.

Access FTP Site

Users can login and access their hosted FTP site via their preferred FTP client. Click here for more information on how to Access My Restaurant365 FTP Site.

Uploading Documents to Process via FTP

Users can upload multiple files to Documents to Process via the FTP Site. Click here for more information on Documents to Process: Uploading Files via FTP.

Uploading Deposits in Bulk via FTP

When deposits are not entered into the POS, users can upload those deposits in bulk via the FTP site. This allows users to get larger batches of deposits into R365 more efficiently. To learn more about uploading batch deposits via FTP, click here