Electronic Data Interchange allows Vendors to push transaction details directly in to Restaurant365.  The two supported transaction types that can be uploaded and imported in to Restaurant365 are AP Invoice and AP Credit Memo.  The upload process can be accomplished in one of three ways:

1) FTP Site

2) AP Automation (Auto-import via Email)

3) Manual Upload

Connecting Vendors with Specific Location Numbers / IDs

For certain Vendors, a unique ID or 'Vendor Number' is required for EDI Integrations.  These 'Vendor Numbers' can be assigned to each specific R365 Location (Cost Center) on the Vendor Record, Location tab.  Uncheck the 'Available/Same All Locations' checkbox and then proceed to manually add each Location that has a required 'Vendor Number'.  The 'Vendor Location Number' replaces the previously used 'Sysco Location Number' that was found on the Location record.  The 'Email' field is utilized in the Purchase Orders Module for PO Delivery.  

  • Note: Any Location that is not added to this table will not be able to select the Vendor for AP Invoices / AP Credit Memos.  Please ensure that each Location that will use this Vendor (regardless of the 'Vendor Number') is also added to the Locations table on the Vendor record.

Supported File Formats

The majority of Vendor-Specific EDI Integration files are .csv (comma separated values), with the lone exception being US Foods .inv file format.

Note: attempting to import any .csv file will not guarantee a successful import.  Invoice files must adhere to pre-built integration formats.

Restaurant365 Multi-Invoice Template

Restaurant365 has created a generic Multi-Invoice template that can be utilized by any vendor on any occasion for Vendor Invoice imports.  Click the following link to download the R365 Multi-Invoice template with corresponding documentation: 

R365 Multi-Invoice Template

Vendor-Specific EDI Integrations

See which Vendors can be integrated with R365 by viewing the Vendor Integrations List.