The Employee Record allows you to manage Employee details such as Employee Name, Contact Information, Employee Photo, and Scheduling Availability. This record is created automatically for each Employee after the POS Integration has been completed. Each Employee Record represents an Employee that has been entered in to your POS Systems. 

As Employees may work at several of your Locations, there is a possibility that some of the Employee Records are duplicate entries. These records will need to be merged in order to properly use the Scheduling and Manager Log modules. Learn More about more information on Merging Employee Records here. Please refer to the Employee App Access article for more information on granting your Employees access to the R365 Mobile App.

Onboarding new Employees? Learn how to enter new Employees into R365 here.

Important Note

Once a new Employee is entered into the POS, their information will be polled into R365 at the end of the night with the Daily Sales Summary. Therefore, there are only rare circumstances when an Employee record would be manually created. Consult with your Coach/CSM or R365 Support before manually creating an Employee record.

Employee Information Import from POS

Once Employee information is pulled over from the POS via the Daily Sales Summary, Employee records will be created in R365. These records will then need to be maintained from within R365 or your POS.

Dictate how Employee records will be managed by updating the 'Employee Master' field from within System Preferences. Click here to learn more about Employee Master and managing Employee records.

Creating Employees

There are two ways to Create Employees in Restaurant365:

  1. Automatic import and creating from the POS. New Employees will be imported with the DSS each night
  2. Manual creation

Manual Creation

Important Note: Only few scenarios exist where an Employee record should be manually created. Consult with your Coach, CSM, or R365 Support to determine if an Employee record should be manually created.

Smart Ops Employee Page

New Employees can be created in Smart Ops by clicking the '+ Create' button on the Employees page.  'New Employee Record' sidesheet will then open with multiple tabs that should be filled out with new Employee information. 

Viewing Employees

The 'Employees' list can be viewed in the Smart Ops module. Locate the Smart Ops module: Employees list in the left navigation under 'Teams.'

Similar to all other lists in R365, locate the record you want to view, then double click the row to open the record in a new tab.

POS Employee Link

To manage the relationship between multiple POS employee records pointing to the same Master Employee in Restaurant365, R365 has two types of Employee records:

  1. POS Employee Record - These records match the records in the POS system at each Location. So if an Employee works at more than one Location then they will have more than one POS Employee record in Restaurant365. These only have a few fields on them just to allow the system to match to the POS by POS ID, Location, and Full Name. This record isn't used in the Scheduling module. Click here for more information on POS Employee Records

  2. Employee Record - These records serve as the main Employee record. If labor notes are made about an Employee or reviews will be held, this is the record referenced on those reports and forms. If you store a break waiver for the employee it is on this record. You should work to keep the system clean so there is only one of these records per employee. Click here for more information on Employee Records

To view a more detailed breakdown of this process, view the Employee vs User Record training article.