This article is part of the Franchising Module training.  Click here for more information on Franchising

Franchisee Daily Sales are individual records for each Franchisee Location each day with the sum total of sales for the day at each Location.  

Review Existing Franchise Sales Entries

Within the Franchising Module, select the 'Franchisee Daily Sales' list to view existing sales entries

Create New Franchise Sales Entries

Franchise Sales Entries can be entered in to R365 using three different methods:

  1. Automatic polling via Franchisee Location POS Integration
  2. Manual Entry
  3. Importing via Franchise Sales Template

Once Franchisee Sales have been entered, they can be used in the automated Franchisee Billing process as well as available in reports.

Automatic Polling via POS Integration

To auto-import your Franchisee sales via POS Integration, the following conditions must be met:

  1. A separate Location record must be created in the Accounting module.  This Location should belong to a Legal Entity that is not part of your organization so as to not affect your Balance Sheet
  2. A POS Integration must be completed on the Location from step 1
  3. Once the POS Integration is complete and the polling has commenced, a Franchisee Location (Store) must be created for the Franchisee
  4. On the 'Franchisee Additional Info' tab of the Franchise Location record, assign the POS Integrated Location as the 'Franchisee Location Link'
  5.   Save the record to complete the process

Manual Entry

Franchise Sales can be manually entered on the Franchise Sales form.  Hover over the 'Franchising' menu in the top ribbon to open the form

On the form, enter the following information then click the 'Add' button

  • Franchisee
  • Store (Franchise Location)
  • Date
    • As a best practice, If entering Sales on a Weekly, or Monthly basis, enter the last day of the sales period you are entering
  • Net Sales amount
  • Gross Sales amount

Importing Franchise Sales

Franchise Sales can be entered in to a .CSV template and then uploaded using the same form as the Manual Entry.

  1. Click to download the R365 Franchisee Daily Sales Import
  2. Complete the template and ensure to save as a .CSV

    1. Franchisee - enter the Name or Number of the Franchisee record (spelling and numbering must exactly match the record in R365)
    2. Store - enter the Name or Number of the Franchise Location (Store) (spelling and numbering  must exactly match the record in R365)
    3. Date - enter the Date in the MM/DD/YYYY format
    4. Net Sales
    5. Gross Sales

  3. Open the 'Daily Sales Entry' form and click 'Import Sales' to open the file selector and upload and import your file