The To Do Checklist displays various tabs with items that the system has flagged as requiring setup or attention.  If nothing is requiring attention on a specific tab, that tab won't be displayed.  The To Do List has the following tabs:

  • Record Setup - this tab shows a row for each record in the system missing required fields.  For example, if a GL Account was missing a GL Type, then there would be a row for that account, and the row would have a comment stating the account is missing a GL Type.  Double click the row to open it and add the GL Type.  When the list is refreshed, that row will be removed
  • Payment Type Accounts - this displays Payment Type Account records imported from the POS that need GL accounts assigned
  • Sales Accounts - this displays Sales Account records imported from the POS that need GL acounts assigned
  • Job Titles- this displays Job Titles imported from the POS that need GL accounts assigned
  • System Setup - this displays if any Legal Entity in the system has a discrepancy in beginning balances, such as the open AP transactions entered at Go Live do not equal the AP GL account beginning balance. AR balance is another example of a discrepancy that might show in this tab

The To Do Checklist is found under 'Reports' in the Accounting module. Additional instructions for using the window for Payment Type Accounts, Sales Accounts, and Job Titles are listed below.

Payment Type Accounts

In selecting the desired account on the 'Payment Type Account' tab, make sure to check the box next to the item name and then click the 'Update' button. A pop-up box will appear similar to the one shown below.

1) GL Account

2) Payment Group

3) This is an Exception Type Checkbox - Check the box if you want the item to be an exception on the DSS

4) Consolidate On Flash Checkbox - Check if you want the Payment Type cosolidated on the Flash Report

5) Save Button - Saves the update

Repeat these steps for each payment Type that needs to be assigned.

Sales Accounts

On the 'Sales Accounts', assign the GL Account and Sales Account Type. Then, click 'Save' to update the Sales Account.

Job Titles

On the 'Job Titles' tab, assign the GL Account, and then click 'Save' to update this field.

System Setup

The 'System Setup' tab displays any discrepancies in your transactions 'at go live', or simply between your Legacy Software and Restaurant365. As Legacy data is entered into your instance, these discrepancies may be updated and not need any additional attention. However, if this notice persists, review your AP Aging report and assign Beginning Balance values.