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Link To Types allow Manager Log entries to be directly linked to another record through R365.  For example, a 'Task' with the Log Category of 'Catering Event' would have the 'Catering Event' link to type. Therefore, the 'Task' would appear on the Catering Event record as well as all places where the task is visible/accessible.

Link To Types vary depending on the Manager Log module enabled for your database.

Classic Manager Log

The Classic Manager Log has all of the listed Link To types:

Link To Type NameRecord Linked ToPrimary Module
Catering EventCatering Event RecordCatering Module
Daily Sales SummaryDaily Sales Summary Record
Operations Module
EmployeeEmployee RecordScheduling Module
Fixed AssetFixed Asset RecordAccounting Module

New Manager Log

With the release of the New Manager Log in February 2022, the Accounting Transactions, Fixed Asset, and Catering Event Link To Types will be disabled. All historical Notes will appear as Log Entries, but they will not link to any other records in the R365 system.

However, historical Notes that were linked to an Employee form or the Daily Sales form will be entered as an 'Employee' or 'Sales Notes' Log Entry, respectively. All new 'Employee' Log Entries will be automatically tied to their respective Employee records while any new Log Entry has the option to be linked to the Daily Sales form.

The option to link a Log Entry to the Daily Sales form can be set for the desired Category on the Location's Logbook.

Users can also select the option to link to the DSS directly from a new Log Entry form in the R365 Red App.