Locations in R365 can be deleted if necessary, but only when every transaction / record that was ever associated with that Location is deleted or reclassified to a different Location


When each transaction / record has been deleted or reclassified, a User with access to the Location record can then hover over the 'Save' menu and select 'Delete' to remove the Location record from R365.

Note: If a Location cannot or should not be deleted, it can be marked as inactive. Click here to learn how to inactivate a Location.

Transaction / Record Checklist

The following areas can be searched for transactions tied to the Location that will be deleted. The areas you will need to search depend on the modules your Organization uses and the types of Transactions you have entered.

Accounting Module

  • All Transaction
  • Transaction Details (useful for finding all GL entries that hit this location)
  • Memorized Transactions
  • Journal Entries
  • DSS
  • Budgets
  • Fiscal Year
  • Bank Accounts

Operations Module

  • Purchase Order
  • Inventory Counts and Inventory Count Templates
  • Item Locations Commissary Order/Templates
  • Memorized AP Transactions

POS Related (Accounting, Operations, and Scheduling)

  • Employees
  • Labor Details
  • Sales Tickets
  • Payment Types
  • Sales Accounts
  • Paid Out Types
  • Menu Items
  • Job Titles

Scheduling Module

  • Schedule
  • Events
  • Site
  • Announcements

Manager Log Module

  • Task
  • Logs

Catering Module

  • Site
  • Event