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Asset Categories allow you to create an additional reporting level for your Assets. Categories are User-defined and allow you to group different Assets into specific categories for reporting and sorting purposes. 


Create an Asset Category

Asset Categories can be created through the Setup Assistant or on the 'Fixed Assets' sub-menu in the top ribbon.


Via Setup Assistant


On the 'Asset Categories' step, click the 'Add Category' button to open the new Asset Category prompt.


Enter the Category name and optionally select the Employee that will maintain the Assets in the category in the 'Service Employee' field. If you have a specific Vendor that performs service on the Assets in the Category you can select them in the 'Service Vendor' field. Save to complete the Category creation.


Via Fixed Assets Sub-Menu

Hover over the 'Account' menu in the top ribbon and then the 'Fixed Assets' sub-menu to select 'New Category'. This will open the Asset Category form and create a new Asset Category.

Assign an Asset Category

Once you have created your Asset Categories, they will be available to select on the Asset record. You can assign Asset Categories to Assets as you create them or after they have been created. Assets can be assigned to one or several different Asset Categories. Click on the 'Categories' field on the Asset record to display a multi-selector where you can click to assign each applicable Asset Category.


Asset Categories List


All existing Asset Categories will be listed in the 'Asset Categories' list in the 'Fixed Assets' subsection of the Accounting module.