All Paid Out Types will be automatically imported from your POS into 'Paid Out Type' records. This feature allows you to pre-assign a Cost Account for a specific Paid Out Type. Then, in the future, as that Paid Out Type is used in your Restaurants and imported onto the DSS, the Cost Account will be automatically assigned, without requiring any interaction from your Users.

To allow the pre-assigned accounts to automatically update the Cost Account on the DSS, you will need to enable it in the 'POS Track Paid Out' setting in System Preferences. 

Assigning Paid Out Types

  1. Navigate to the 'Administration' subsection of the Accounting/Operations module and open the 'Paid Out Types' list

  2. Locate the Paid Out Type record that will be assigned, and open it
    • Note: Paid Out Types will only appear in this list after they have been imported via an existing DSS.  If the Paid Out Type you are expecting is not in the list, confirm that 'POS Track Paid Out' is enabled on System Preferences, and that the Paid Out Type has been used at a POS Integrated Restaurant Location
  3. Select the Cost Account that will be automatically assigned to this Paid Out Type for all future DSS records

  4. Save and Close the record to complete the process

Excluding Paid Out Types

If there is a particular Paid Out Type that you do not want to have imported on the DSS, you can also use 'POS Track Paid Out' to disable, or exclude, the Paid Out Type from future DSS imports.  To do this, follow steps 1 & 2 above, then in place of step 3, check the 'Exclude From POS Import' checkbox and proceed to step 4, save the record.

This Paid Out Type will no longer be imported on the DSS.