Recipe Costing, like its prerequisite Item Costing, is a powerful feature in the Operations Module of Restaurant365. This document gives a high level of each type of record you must create/update in order to use the many functions within Recipe Costing.


These following steps must be completed in order to properly set up Recipe Costing in the R365 Operations Module. Click each link to learn more about each step:

  1. Item Costing - All requirements must be complete before you can begin to build Recipes and Map them to Menu Items
  2. POS Integration - Menu Items from your POS are imported into R365 where they can then be mapped to Recipes
  3. Recipe Items - Once all Purchased Items and Vendor Items have been created, you can build your Recipes in R365
    • Note: If Recipe Items are not being used for Prep Logs, ensure that the 'Prepped' checkbox is left unchecked so as to not throw off your Recipe Costing
  4. Recipe to Menu Item Mapping - The final step is mapping your Recipes to your POS Menu Items