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My Workflows is the central hub for all of your pending, and future, Workflow Approvals.  The contents of this page will be unique to each User that is part of a Workflow Hierarchy and will only display the Transactions that fall within the User's 'jurisdiction' for Workflow Approvals.

Workflow Admin Users are even able to view and track the progress of Approvals through the 'All Workflows' tab so to ensure that Invoices, Journal Entries, and Payment Runs are Approved swiftly.


To open My Workflows, hover over your Username in the top ribbon and select 'My Workflows', as shown below:

The page contains two tabs, 'My List' and 'Upcoming'.  'My List' will contain all of your current Workflows, while 'Upcoming' will give you a preview of Workflows that will eventually appear in 'My List'.  Both tabs contain the same field sets.

  • Note: Users with the following Permission will be able to access the ‘Upcoming’ tab:
    • Administration → Workflows→ Access Upcoming Tab

Available Fields

The screenshot above shows the 'My Workflows' window, which includes two sections: the Snapshot Summary (A) and the Document Previewer (B). The Snapshot Summary (A) provides the details of the transaction and the last workflow action to make quick decisions to Approve, Deny, or Drill Down into the entry. The Document Previewer (B) is where a User can review documents alongside your Workflow Queue with no additional clicks. 

  • Note: The 'Rows Per Page' feature is temporarily unavailable. This feature is expected to return in Q3 2022.

The Workflow Queue, which is a part of the Snapshot Summary, includes the following:

1) Detail Expansion Arrows / Checkboxes  - This will expand each Transaction line to display the details at a glance. Check the checkbox to use the Mass Approve Button (#14)

2) Workflow Status - View the Status of the Workflow for the Transaction. Statuses include:

  • Pending Approval - Default Status.  Indicates that the Transaction is Pending Approval
  • Work Needed - The Current Approver (or any higher Level Approver) set the Status to 'Work Needed', or the Transaction was Denied at a higher Level and has returned to the original Approver
  • Researching - The Current Approver (or any higher Level Approver) set the Status to 'Researching'

If the User is the current approver then the following functions will also be available before the listed status:

  •  - This button will approve the Transaction
  •  - This button will deny the Transaction

3) Inactivity Alert - Workflows that have gone 2 or more days without being Approved or Denied will be flagged as inactive.  This flag is not affected by changing the Status to 'Researching' or 'Work Needed'

4) Transaction Vendor - The Vendor (if any) on the Transaction

5) Transaction Amount - The Total Amount of the Transaction

6) Transaction Location - The Location assigned on the Transaction header

7) Transaction Date - The Date set on the Transaction header

8) Transaction Comment - The Comment (if any) entered on the Transaction header

9) Transaction Number - The Number assigned on the Transaction header.  This field is hyperlinked and can be clicked on to open the Transaction in a popup for additional review / edits

10) Issue - This will list any issues marked for the attachment

11) Type - The Transaction Type.  Current Supported formats include:

  • AP Invoice
  • Journal Entry
  • Payment Run

12) Mass Approve Button - To be used in conjunction with the Checkboxes (#1).  Mass Approve all checked Workflows when pressed

13) Attachment - If a file has been uploaded to the Transaction (via 'Upload File'), this field will contain a hyperlink to the Attachment

14) Current Approver - The Current Approver in the Workflow Hierarchy is listed in this field. When on the 'My List' tab, this value will always contain either your username, if you are the only approver, or the Workflow Group name, if you are included in a Workflow Approval Group

15) Prior Approver - The Prior User that made any Approval decision regarding this Transaction. This field can contain the Username of the individual that created the Transaction or of any individual along the Workflow Hierarchy that was the most recent User to Deny this Workflow

  • Note: Users who are a part of a Workflow Group will be listed individually as well

16) Prior Action - The Prior Action that was performed by the Prior Approver (#17)

17) Prior Action Date - The Date the Prior Action (#18) occurred

18) Created By User - The User that created the Transaction

Using My Workflows

There are several useful actions that you can take on the 'My Workflows' page to more quickly process your Approvals.

Expand Quick Details

Click the expand arrow to the left of the checkbox to view the Transaction details at a glance.

  • Note: For Payment Runs, the 'Quick Details' will display the list of included Vendors, the total amount for each Vendor, and the quantity of Invoices selected for payment for each Vendor.

Review / Modify Transaction Details

Double-click the Transaction Number value to open the Transaction in a new window for review or modification. Save the Transaction to close the popup and update My Workflows.

Approve Individual Transactions

Transactions can be individually Approved by:

  • Clicking the green checkbox on the Workflow line.  Click here for more information on Approving Workflows

  • Clicking 'Approve' above the Document Previewer

Approve Multiple Transactions

You can Approve several transactions at once by using the multi-select checkboxes and then clicking the Green 'Approve' button. Click here for more information on Approving Workflows.

Deny Individual Transactions

Transactions can be individually Denied and returned to the Original Approver / Creator by:

  • Clicking the gray 'X' button

  • Clicking 'Deny' in the Document Previewer

Each denied Transaction must also have a reason entered.  Click here for more information on Approving Workflows.

Review All Workflows

Navigating to the 'All Workflows' tab enables a Workflow Admin User to understand/control rerouting and track progress of approvals at that User's Location.