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R365 Direct Bank Connections can be used in conjunction with Bank Accounts that have Multi-factor Authentication (MFA). MFA Accounts may require you to re-authenticate each time you wish to retrieve new Activity from you Bank. This article will describe how to use the R365 Direct Bank Connections 'Manage Bank Connections' prompt to re-authenticate and retrieve your Bank Activity.

If you are unfamiliar with MFA, you may be familiar with the same concept, but by a different name. MFA can also be referred to as any of the following terms:

  • OTP
  • 2 Step
  • 2 Factor
  • 2nd Authentication
  • Token Authentication (Not Supported Currently)

Determine if your Accounts utilize Multi-factor Authentication

Login to your Bank

If you are unaware that your Bank requires MFA, you can login to you financial institution to determine if it is enabled. If MFA is required, the additional security piece (usually a one-time use code, delivered via text or email, or answers to security questions) will be requested after you login. You will not be able to view or access any of your Banking data or settings until you provide the requested code/answer.

Pressing 'Retrieve Activity' Won't Import Activity 

If you click 'Retrieve Activity' and nothing happens, there is likely an 'issue' with your Bank Account that requires re-authentication. If this happens every time you attempt to retrieve activity, you likely have MFA enabled on your Bank Account. R365 Direct Bank Connections will continue to retrieve activity until the bank requires re-authentication.

Using 'Manage Bank Connections' to Re-Authenticate and Provide MFA Tokens


After you have identified a Bank Account as an MFA Account, click on 'Manage Bank Connections' to open the 'Manage Bank Connections' prompt.


Next, click the 'Add Bank' button located below your connected Banks.

The next screen that loads will inform you to log in with your bank's security credentials and then will have you verify those credentials by answering preset Security Questions. Respond to the questions and click 'Submit'. This will then display the accounts that are linked. If experiencing authentication challenges or need additional accounts added, follow these instructions.

Once you have successfully re-authenticated, R365 Direct Bank Connections will immediately retrieve the most recent Bank Activity from your Bank.