This article is for reference only.

The Restaurant365 Classic App was deprecated in January 2024 and has been removed from appstores. In its place, the Restaurant365 Red App can be used to accomplish daily work.

For questions, please contact your CSM or R365 Support.

Managers can do many of the same Scheduling functions found on the R365 Web Application from within the R365 Classic App (Black). Click here for more information on how to download the R365 Classic App (Black).  

Note: The R365 Classic App (Black) is different than the R365 App (Red), which is currently intended for Employee use and Manager Scheduling. Please ensure that when you are downloading the R365 Classic App (Black) that the icon is Black, as shown below:

Navigation within R365 Classic App (Black)

Login to the R365 Classic App (Black) using the same Username and Password that you use on the R365 Web Application. Click the menu button  to show all the options available to the Manager in the Classic App:

Scheduled Now


This is a quick view of who is scheduled to be working right now. If you wonder who should be working now, you can check this quickly on your phone instead of going back to a computer or the printed schedule. Click here for more information on Scheduled Now.


This has 2 tabs for Shifts and Unassigned shifts.  Click here for more information on Shifts

Shifts tab

This list contains the upcoming Shifts. This is a read-only list and individual Shifts cannot be opened or altered. To create any new Shifts, or make any changes to existing Shifts, you will need to use the R365 Web Application (Browser).

Unassigned Shifts tab

This displays Unassigned Shifts that Employees can Claim. This is a read-only list and individual Shifts cannot be opened or altered. To make any changes to the Shifts, you'll need to use the R365 Web Application (Browser).


The Announcements list contains all of the existing Announcements. The most recent Announcement will appear at the top of the list and can be edited by opening it. To create a new Announcement, click the '+ New' button in the top right corner. Click here for more information on Announcements.


Click 'Employees' to display the Employee list. Click an Employee to quickly send an email or call them using the Email and Call buttons (letter and phone icons respectively). Employees have three tabs of data: Info, Punches, Availability. To edit the Employee info, click the 'Edit' button in the top right corner.

Info tab


This tab shows Employee general info such as phone, email, address, and photo. To make it easy to have a photo associated with the Employee, you can take a picture of them with your phone and then in the App open that Employee record and click the 'Upload' button next to the picture and browse to the photo on your phone.

Punches tab

This is a read-only view of recent time clock punches as imported from the POS.

Availability tab


This first shows a summary view of Availability for every day of the week. Click the 'Edit' button in the top right corner to update and Employee's Availability. This will open a screen where you manage a single day of the week at a time. 

The first day of the week will load by default. You can change the Day by clicking the Day selector at the top of the screen. Availability can be set as “Available All Day”, “Unavailable All Day”, or you can set specific Availability Start and End Times. 

When finished setting that day, click 'Save' in the upper right corner.

Request List

This tab has been disabled in the R365 Classic App (Black). All Requests must be managed in the Manager Queue in the R365 Web Application (Browser).