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Various functions can be performed via a mobile device and the Restaurant365 Classic (Black) mobile App available for iOS and Android devices. Please refer to the specific module training for more information on using the Restaurant365 Classic (Black) mobile App:

Click here to learn about the differences between the R365 Classic App (Black) and the R365 Red App.

Downloading the App

App Store
Google Play

Restaurant365 Users can get this App from the App Store for iOS and the Google Play store for Android by searching for 'Restaurant365'.  Make sure you select 'Restaurant365 Classic' with the Black icon, and not the R365 App (Red).

App Store:

Google Play Store:

Logging In

Upon downloading and opening the App, the User will view a login screen where they can enter the same username and password used to access the full version of Restaurant365 on the web. Additionally, the User will need to enter their R365 URL in the 'Domain' field. For example, if the R365 URL is, the User should enter 'sample' as the domain.

  • Note: If the User has accounts in multiple instances of Restaurant365, they would need to enter in the domain that corresponds with that Organization. Users who are unsure of their R365 URL should reach out to their Manager for more information.

Logging Out

To log out of the R365 Mobile App, the User navigates to the bottom of the Options screen, and clicks the 'Logout' button.  The App will prompt the User to determine if the User wants to log out.  A response in the affirmative will result in the logout sequence. Click here for an animated GIF example of R365 Mobile Logout.