This article overviews the employee scheduling feature in the R365 App

R365 Scheduling and the R365 App is a one-stop mobile app for all things related to the employee schedule!  Using the R365 App employees can do the following:

  • View the entire schedule at each restaurant location they are associated with
  • View upcoming shifts and any announcements posted by restaurant managers
  • Make shift requests, request time off, and adjust weekly availability (scheduling and availability updates must first be approved by a manager) 
  • Update their employee profile

This article contains the links to each training article employees may need to use R365 Scheduling and the R365 App.

Downloading the R365 App

The R365 App (Red) is available on both iOS and Android!  The correct App has a Red icon, like this: 

For more information on downloading the R365 App, click here.

Logging into the R365 App 

Managers will make sure that users are all setup to use R365 Scheduling. Once they've done their part, employees will be able to login and get started!  For more information on logging in to the R365 App, click here.

Viewing the Schedule and Upcoming Shifts

Through the R365 App employees can view their entire schedule at each restaurant location that they work at. The mobile dashboard allows users to view upcoming shifts at a glance so employees can know exactly when their next shift is.  For more information on viewing the schedule and upcoming shifts, click here. 

Making Schedule Requests (Trade / Offer / Claim / Time off)

Users can easily make schedule requests from the R365 App. This includes trading shifts, offering assigned shifts, claiming offered shifts, and requesting time off.  For more information on making schedule requests, click here. .

Updating Weekly Availability

Employees can update their employee profile and their weekly availability (subject to manager approval) all from within the R365 App. For more information on updating weekly availability, click here.

Updating User Passwords

User passwords can be easily updated from the employee profile screen. Click here for more information on updating user passwords..