This article is part of the R365 Payments training. If you are new to R365 Payments, please review Getting started with R365 Payments before making any changes. Click here for more information about the R365 Payments Service and how it can serve your organization. 

This article outlines the steps necessary to add or remove a bank account from the R365 Payments Service after completing the initial setup.

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Adding a bank account to R365 Payments

Open or create the Bank Account record for the new R365 Payments bank account.
Ensure that the following fields are completed on the General tab of the Bank Account record:
  • Account Owner
  • Bank
  • Account Type
  • Bank Account Number
  • Routing Number
  • Bank Name (on Check)

Click here for definitions of all fields on the Bank Account record.

In the Details section:
In the Configuration section:
Save the bank account.

Note: When R365 Payments is enabled, a new section appears on the Bank Account record which includes the current setup Status for R365 Payments and the Exclude from R365 Payments checkbox.
Contact R365 Support to activate the new bank account for use with R365 Payments.
Once the bank account is verified, the Status shown in the R365 Payments section of the Bank Account record updates to Enabled.
The bank account is ready for use with R365 Payments!

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Removing a bank account from R365 Payments

Open the Bank Account record for the bank account that you want to exclude from use with R365 Payments.
In the R365 Payments section of the General tab, select the Exclude from R365 Payments checkbox.
Save the Bank Account record. 

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