The ComData Export Report is located in My Reports and allows you to export a CSV file that contains a list of any unpaid AP Invoices for your specific ComData Vendors.  The CSV file can then be provided to ComData for payment processing.

Vendor Setup

Each Vendor that you will pay via ComData must have their Vendor record setup correctly for ComData export use.  

It is required to add 'Comdata' in the 'Comment' field on each Vendor record that will be used with the ComData Export file.  If this comment is not added to the Vendor record, the Approved AP Invoices for that Vendor will not be included in the ComData Export file.  Aside from this required setting, there are no other required fields for ComData Export use.

The following fields, with their corresponding tickmarks on the screenshots below, are available for ComData export as part of the ComData export file.  The unmarked fields (D through K) are part of the AP Invoice record

Using the ComData Export Report

Once your Vendors are setup with 'Comdata' added to the 'Comment' field on the Vendor record, you are ready to use the ComData Export report.  

Eligible AP Invoices

Any Approved AP Invoice that has a value greater than $0.00 in the 'Amount Remaining' column (listed on 'All Transactions' and 'AP Transactions' lists in the Accounting module) is eligible for export on the ComData Export report.  

Report Parameters

When you run the ComData Export report, you have the option of selecting the starting and ending dates for the report date range lookup.  Once set, click 'Download' to download the CSV file and complete the export process.

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