The R365 Financial Report Writer is an added R365 service allowing users to customize the content, layout, and look and feel of financial reports. For more information on the R365 Financial Report Writer, please reach out to your R365 Sales or CSM Representative or R365 Support

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To access the R365 Financial Report Writer and Custom Financial Reports, in the Reports section of the left navigation menu, select Custom Financial Reports.
The Custom Financial Reports page appears, where users can create and access custom reports.

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The permissions listed here are associated with Custom Financial Reports. These permissions can be added to custom user roles or single users. Learn more about managing permissions and custom user roles here

Custom Financial Reports Permissions are found in the Permission Tree as follows:

  • Reporting
    • Custom Financial Reports
      • View All CFR Reports (Bypasses Report Role)
      • Manage Multi-Instance Financial Dashboard Views
      • Packages
        • Edit Custom Financial Report Packages
        • Create Custom Financial Report Packages
        • Delete Custom Financial Report Packages
      • Reports
        • Create/Edit Custom Financial Reports
        • Delete Custom Financial Reports
      • Templates
        • View/Create/Edit/Delete CFR Templates

The Permission Access report can be used to determine which user roles or users already have these permissions assigned.

Learn more about User Setup and Security here.

Viewing Custom Financial Reports

Report Roles

Custom Financial Reports must be added to a user's report roles in order to be viewed. Learn more about adding Custom Financial Reports to report roles here. To add Custom Financial Reports to a report role, the user must have the following permission:

  • Administration → Users → Report Roles → Create/Edit/Delete Report Roles

View All CFR Reports

Users with the following permission will be able to view all CFR Reports, regardless of which reports are included in their Report Role(s).

  • Reporting → Custom Financial Reports → View All CFR Reports (Bypasses Report Role)

Location Access

The locations that are assigned to each user on their user record determines which locations they can view data for when running reports. If a user does not have access to a specific location, they cannot view data for that location. Learn more about User Location Access here.

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Initial Setup

The initial setup of the R365 Financial Report Writer requires the following:

  1.  Your R365 Sales representative or R365 CSM enables the R365 Financial Report Writer.
  2.  You submit a request to provision your R365 Database for use with the R365 Financial Report Writer.
  3.  A user with the User Setup security role accesses System Preferences and sets up Organizational Units for reporting purposes.
  4.  A user with the Financial Report Builder security role builds and customizes your financial reports.

Click here for more information about each step of the R365 Financial Report Writer: Initial Setup.

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System Preferences: Organization Structure

The R365 Financial Report Writer gives you additional reporting capabilities through a custom organization structure. This means you can create your desired organizational hierarchy for reporting purposes. Click here for more information on setting up the organization structure.

Building Reports

Building reports in the R365 Financial Report Writer requires you to create templates and utilize row and column layouts within each template. When the template and its contents are completed, you can use the template to easily build new custom reports. Click here for more information on building reports or use the links below to access the desired topic in the building process:

Running Reports

Once Custom Financial Reports are available to your organization, any user with the Financial Report Builder or Financial Report Viewer security role will have the ability to run those reports. Click here for more information on running reports.

Assigning Reports

Reports must be assigned to users with the Financial Report Viewer Role through their report roles in either the Financial Report Viewer or Report Role Setup windows. Click here for more information on assigning reports.

Sharing Reports

Partner channel users have the ability to share report templates across instances. Learn more about sharing reports here.

Sending Report Packages

Reports can be bundled together in a unique structure and format by creating report packages. Click here to learn more information on report packages.

Subscribing to Reports

Set up report subscriptions to automatically generate reports on a regular basis. The reports can be scheduled and sent to specified recipient email address(es).

Creating Report Groups

Report groups allow selected reports and/or documents to be grouped together and run by a selected report parameter, enabling reports/documents within a report group to be organized by their selected parameter and not by report order. multiple report groups can be created, but not all reports/documents need to be in a report group. Click here to learn more about report groups.

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