The ACH Export allows a user to run a report that scans payment runs for ACH files that were not exported at the time of the payment run. This export supplies a repository of all ACH files to help catch any missing ACHs. 

The ACH Export can be sent to the bank to process funds.

Tip: If a bank does not accept standard ACH files, users can configure the Bank record so that, when a bank account associated with that bank is selected on the ACH Export, the report provides a simple payment file instead of an ACH. To do this, navigate to the Bank record and select Simple Payment Export from the ACH Report drop-down.

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  1. In the Reports section of the left navigation pane, select My Reports.
    The My Reports screen appears.
  2. At the top of the My Reports screen, select Banking.
    The screen generates a list of reports in alphabetical order.
  3. Locate the ACH Export.
  4. Select Customize to adjust the report parameters and run the report.

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Report Parameters

Bank AccountBank account for which to run the export.
Check RunPayment run to be scanned for ACH exports.
View optionsProvides the user with options to select, save, edit, or delete a report view.
For more information about these controls, see My Reports: Using My Reports.
DownloadDownloads the exported files to the users device.

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Report Details

The screenshot above is one example of an exported ACH file. Detailed information from the selected payment run includes ACH and bank information that can be viewed and exported.

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