The Check Report displays all the checks from a selected payment run. Run this report to review or reprint past checks. Once the Check Report has been exported to the user's device, they can easily review the information attached to the payment, including the invoice number and the location number.

Because the check is automatically downloaded as a PDF, any viewer with access to the report can see and print checks. When running the report, users can opt to add a signature to the final PDF. For this reason, please be mindful when assigning users to roles that allow access to this report.

Article Topics

  1. In the Reports section of the left navigation pane, select My Reports.
    The My Reports screen appears.
  2. At the top of the My Reports screen, select Banking.
    The screen generates a list of reports in alphabetical order.
  3. Locate the Check Report.
  4. Select Customize to adjust the report parameters and run the report.

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Report Parameters

Check RunPayment run for which to generate checks.
SignatureIf Yes is selected, the checks include a signature on the signature line.
View optionsProvides the user with options to select, save, edit, or delete a report view.
For more information about these controls, see My Reports: Using My Reports.
DownloadDownloads a PDF containing all checks included on the selected payment run to the user's device.

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Report Details

LocationName, address, and phone number of the location associated with the payment.
BankName and routing number of the bank used to make the payment.
Check NumberNumber for the check, as written on the AP Payment Record.
DateDate when the payment run was submitted.
Pay To The Order OfName of the vendor to whom the payment was sent.
AmountAmount paid to the vendor, in numerals.
Amount TextAmount paid to the vendor, in words.
MemoA note about the payment, such as a description of items or services purchased.
Signature LineLine on which to write a signature. If Yes was selected on the Signature parameter, a signature is already written on this line.
DateDate on the invoice.
Invoice NumberNumber used to identify the invoice.
LocationLocation associated with the invoice.
Orig. AmountOriginal amount to be paid on the invoice.
Balance DueAmount due on the invoice.
DiscountDiscounts applied to the invoice.
This CheckAmount paid by the check.
CreditsAny credits applied from prior AP credit memos.
Credit NumberCredit memo number associated with the credits.
Check Total AmountTotal amount of all checks on the payment run.

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