The Positive Pay Export Report is similar to the ACH Report but for Positive Pay, which includes positive confirmation on checks made from the User's company. This report shows all of the transactions that were approved in a specified check run, regardless of their payment method.

This report is similar to the Positive Pay Export - Citizens and the Positive Pay Export - Wells Fargo Reports except that the parameters have already been internally set to match those banks' criteria for exporting. 


To navigate to the Positive Pay Export, click 'My Reports' under 'Reports' in the left pane and select 'Banking' in the top header of the reporting window. Once opened, a listing of reports will be shown. 

Find 'Positive Pay Export', as displayed in the image above, and select 'Customize' next to the report. This will open up the Report Parameters that can be used to define your export.

Report Parameters

1) Check Run - A listing of all check runs

2) Download Button - Downloads the report

Click here to learn more about Report Views and their added functionality.

Report Details

This export will be formatted based on the bank used for this payment. The system will arrange the payment details, including the Routing Number, Bank Account, Payment Amount, Vendor Name, and more, in a manner that can be easily imported straight to the desired bank. 

For more information, review the Positive Pay Overview & Reports article.