Commissary Reports allow users to view details about past commissary orders and forecasts for future orders based on historical data.

Users can also drill down on certain items to determine how often those items are purchased and fulfilled in a specified time frame. This information helps users determine which items are favored at the restaurant and should continue to be ordered.

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  1. To access My Reports, select My Reports in any module.
    The My Reports screen opens with the Favorites tab selected.
  2. Select the Commissary tab to view Commissary reports. 

Tip: Reports that are marked as a favorite appear on the default tab of the My Reports screen. To mark a report as a favorite, select the star icon to the left of the report name.

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Security and Report Access

Once the Commissary Module is activated, it can be accessed by users who have been given Report Roles by their system administrator. 

If you are not able to view these reports, it is most likely because you don't have security access. Speak with your system administrator to give you access to running or viewing these reports.

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Commissary Forecast - Predicts how much food will be needed based on previous orders.

Commissary Order History - Displays the a history bank of all Commissary Orders from a specified date range.

Commissary Order History by Category - Lists Commissary Order information by Category for a selected date range and for selected Locations. This report can be drilled into to view further details about the items ordered within a listed category.

Commissary Order History by Item - Lists Commissary Order information by item for a selected date range and for selected Locations. This report can be drilled into to view which Locations ordered the corresponding item(s).

Commissary Order History by Location - Lists Commissary Order information by Location for a selected item, date range, and Location(s). 

Consolidated Production - Provides a breakdown of the items needed to make future Commissary Orders by Item Category.

Post Fulfillment On Hand Report - Lists the amount of items available in Inventory once all Commissary Orders are fulfilled.

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