The 1096 Prep report displays the totals of returns from 1099 Vendors throughout the year. Either all Legal Entities or only Legal Entities with 1096 balances can be selected for this report to provide your Organization the option of choosing the most valuable layout of your information.


To navigate to the 1096 Prep, click 'My Reports' under 'Reports' in the left pane and then select 'Vendors' in the top header of the reporting window. Once opened, a listing of reports will be shown. 

Find the '1096 Prep' and select 'Customize' next to the report. This will open up a listing of all Report Parameters that can be set to pinpoint the exact download a User needs.

Report Parameters

1) Year - The year the form is ran for

2) Include Legal Entities With 0 Balances - This will either include only Legal Entities that have 1096 balances or all Legal Entities, respectively

3) Run Button - Runs the report. Users can also send, export, or print the report directly from this button by clicking the down arrow portion and selecting the desired action. Click here to learn more about this functionality

Click here to learn more about Report Views and their added functionality.

Report Details

1) Legal Entity - The Legal Entity name. Legal Entity names will be repeated if they utilize more than one 1099 Form Type

2) 1099 Form - The 1099 Form Type used by the Legal Entity

3) Box 3 - Count - The number of unique combinations of Tax ID and 1099 Form from a Legal Entity with a Box 4 or 5 amount greater than $0.00

4) Box 4 - Federal Tax Withheld - The total of the Box 4 amount for the specified 1099 Form Type and for all included Vendors

5) Box 5 - Total Amount - The total amounts of the Boxes for their specified 1099 Form Type and for all included Vendors:

  • 1099-MISC - Boxes 1, 2, 3, 5, 6, 8, 9, 10, and 14
  • 1099-NEC - Box 1
  • 1099-INT - Boxes 1, 3, 8, 10, 11, and 13  

6) Tax ID Warnings* - The number of Vendors included in the report that have Tax IDs of less than 9 digits

7) Excluded Vendors** - The number of Vendors that are excluded from 1099 Processing, as noted on their Vendor record

Email, Export, or Print the Report

This report can be emailed, exported, or printed in custom formatting directly from the reporting window. Click here to learn how to send, export, or print this report.