The 1099 Review Report shows all 1099 Customers and their invoices for a set period of time. This report allows the User to see all of the different types of payments associated with Vendors and make any final adjustments if needed before producing both the 1096 and 1099 Tax Forms.


To navigate to 1090 Review, click 'My Reports' under 'Reports' in the left pane and then select 'Vendors' in the top header of the reporting window. Once opened, a listing of reports will be shown. 

Find '1099 Review' and select 'Customize' next to the report. This will open up a listing of all Report Parameters that can be set to pinpoint the exact report a User needs.

Report Parameters

1) Legal Entity - A listing of all Legal Entities that can be selected

2) Detail Level - The option for the report to display all transactions or a total of the transactions by Legal Entity

3) 1099 Form - The type of 1099 Form ran for the report. Options include:

  • 1099-MISC - Miscellaneous Income
  • 1099-NEC - Nonemployee Compensation
  • 1099-INT - Interest Income

4) Year - The year that the 1099 report is ran for. Default: Last year. 

5) Vendor1099 - A listing of all 1099 Vendors associated with the chosen Legal Entity

6) Show Vendor Number - Determines if the Vendor Number will be displayed as part of the Vendor Name

7) Run Button - Runs the report. Users can also send, export, or print the report directly from this button by clicking the down arrow portion and selecting the desired action. Click here to learn more about this functionality

Click here to learn more about Report Views and their added functionality.

Report Details

1) 1099 Form - The 1099 Forms selected for this report

2) Legal Entities - The Legal Entities selected for this report. If one of the Legal Entities selected is a Common Payer, as noted on its Legal Entity record, the Legal Entities that are reported through it will also be listed 

3) Vendor Name - The name of each 1099 Vendor, organized alphanumerically by Legal Entity. 1099 Transactions will be listed under each 1099 Vendor if the report was run at a detailed level. Summarized reports can still see these transactions by clicking the plus sign next to the 1099 Vendor name

  • Note: When 'Show Vendor Number' is set to 'Yes', the Vendor Number is included in the Vendor Name

4) 1099 Name - The full name entered for the 1099 Vendor

5) Type - The 1099 Vendor Type, as noted on the Vendor record. Options include:

  • Individual
  • Company

6) Tax ID - The Tax ID for the 1099 Vendor. This will either be the Individual's Social Security Number of the Company's Employer Identification Number

7) Address - The address of the 1099 Vendor, as listed on the Vendor record

8) Form - The Tax Form Type 

9) Box # Amount - The following columns display the Form's corresponding Box Numbers and their data. If, for example, all listed forms do not have data entered for a column, that column will not be displayed in the report. Each column will have a Grand Total amount listed at the bottom

Email, Export, or Print the Report

This report can be emailed, exported, or printed in custom formatting directly from the reporting window. Click here to learn how to send, export, or print this report.