Memorized Prep Logs allow Users to create templates for inputting Prep Logs. While a User can create a single Prep Log, a Memorized Prep Log enables a User to log Prep without having to recreate a new log each time.

Create a Memorized Prep Log

To create a new Memorized Prep Log, click the '+ Create' button in the top-right corner of the Memorized Prep Log page.

1) Name - The name of the Memorized Prep Log

2) Location - The Location that will use this Prep Log

3) Station - The Prep Station that this log will be used for. The word 'Station' is hyperlinked to a new Prep Station record if a new Station would like to be created

4) Item - A listing of items that will be used for the Prep Log. This will auto-fill with all Recipe Items associated with the chosen Location

5) Prep Stations - The Stations with their selected items listed underneath

After creating a name for the Prep Log, select a Station. Once that Station is selected, all of the Recipe items saved as Prep for this Location will be listed underneath the 'Item' heading. Clicking Recipe Items will cause them to shift to the 'Prep Stations' listing. As different Stations are chosen and subsequent items are selected, the 'Prep Stations' listing will continue to grow and be organized by Station.

Items can be dragged and dropped within a Prep Station in whichever order desired. When completed, click 'Save'. 

Duplicate a Memorized Prep Log for Different Locations

Memorized Prep Logs can easily be duplicated for different Locations.

Open the Prep Log that you would like to duplicate and click 'Copy' under the 'Action' menu.

A pop-up window will display a listing of Locations to choose from. Selecting your Locations and then clicking 'OK' will create a Memorized Prep Log for each one.

If the desired Locations are not listed, the items that are on the Template do not have those Locations saved in their Recipe Item record. Click here for more information on Recipe Item records

Use a Memorized Prep Log

Memorized Prep Logs can be used in two different ways. The first way is to open the listing of logs by clicking 'Memorized Prep Logs' under Food' in Smart Ops. When the Prep Logs are displayed, choose the Prep Log that you want to view. The log will open as it was last Saved and then select 'Use' in the 'Actions' menu.

A Memorized Prep Log can also be used by opening a new Prep Log and clicking 'Start With Template' under the 'Action' menu. 

A pop-up window will appear that allows the User to select the Memorized Prep Log that he/she would like to use. Once a template is selected, click 'Use' and begin logging prep.