The Internal Support Link, located in System Preferences, allows an Admin to add an Internal Support link for their organization's Users. Whenever a User sees R365 error messages, their Customer-specific support link will be pulled and the User will be instructed to use that link to contact their organization's internal team.

The Internal Support Link is used in some integrations with certain software. Speak with your R365 Representative to see if your organization's software supports the use of this link.

Internal Link Setup

To setup your organization's Support link, navigate to 'Preferences' under 'Administration' in the top ribbon. A new window will open with a listing of tabs for System Preferences. Click the 'Miscellaneous' tab, and a listing of various system settings will open.

Find the Internal Support Link field and enter in your organization's Support link, which should be a valid URL. When finished, click 'Save and Close'.