Bank Reconciliations often need to be unreconciled when a Daily Sales Summary needs to be deleted and re-polled. 

Note: Before following the steps below, it is recommended to run the Reconciliation Report. This report is always as of your last save or approval, and since unapproving a bank reconciliation can uncheck transactions at times from an open bank reconciliation, it is best to export this report and then save it for your records.

To begin the process of unreconciling a Bank Reconciliation, navigate to the left navigation pane and click 'Bank Reconciliations' under 'Banking' in the Accounting module. A listing of all Bank Reconciliations will then appear. 

Select the Bank Reconciliation for the date that needs to be approved and click the blue text to open the date. 

When the Bank Reconciliation opens, unapprove it by clicking the 'Unapprove' button in the top ribbon. 

Back on the main screen, navigate to 'Banking' in the top ribbon and click 'Get Bank Activity'.  

Select the bank account attached to the Daily Sales Summary and then navigate to the 'Matched/Excluded' tab and sort by date to find the deposit in question. Clickto unmatch that Bank Deposit.

When completed, open the DSS for the date in question and navigate to the 'Journal Entry' tab. Click the blue 'D' next to the deposit and the deposit transaction will open.

Uncheck the undeposited payment, if any, and remove any adjustments from the 'Adjustments' tab of the Bank Deposit record. Finally, hover over the 'Action' menu and click 'Delete' to delete the Bank Deposit. You can now unapprove the DSS.