Payroll Journal Entries are created to balance out the payroll noted on the Daily Sales Summary. Therefore, after a Payroll JE is entered, the Payroll Accrual should be cleared on all of the DSSs within the selected date range.

One way to view if the Payroll Accrual balances out the Payroll Journal Entry is to view the 'Distribution' tab of the Payroll Journal Entry record. This tab displays the difference between the 'Details' tab, or the actual Labor details, and the 'Payroll Estimate Clearing' tab, or the estimated Payroll. To confirm that all of the accrued expense has been cleared, please run the GL Account Detail report for the payroll date range.

When it is not cleared, it is often times due to one or more DSSs needing to be re-polled or approved. This is a simple fix that can be resolved by following the steps below.

Navigate to the 'Journal Entries' list under 'General Ledger' in the Accounting module and filter the comment field by typing in 'Payroll'. A listing will then appear with only Payroll Journal Entries. Double-click the the applicable Payroll Journal Entry to view its details.

Once opened, ensure that the date range is correct and then click 'Unapprove' in the top ribbon. This will then enable you to:

  • Approve all DSSs that were unapproved at the time the Payroll Journal Entry was approved
  • Re-import an out-of-balance DSS