Tables are often used for displaying data across multiple Locations while also masking those Location names and/or other pieces of data for lower level Users. Custom labeling for fields and measures are also available for use through a Table. 

Two function menus are displayed in a Table:

  1.  Data Type Selector
  2.  General Table Functions

Data Type Selector

1) Detailed Data - This displays a detailed view of the data

2) Totals Data - This displays a summarized view of the data

3) Details and Totals - This displays a detailed view of the data with row totals

General Table Functions

1) Use for Sorting - This will sort based on the field or measure clicked

2) Add Summary - This will add a totals box at the bottom of the column for that field or measure

3) Change Data Format - This will change the numerical format displayed 

4) Edit Label - This will allow the field or measure name to be edited

5) Delete Label - This will remove the field or measure name from the Table when a User with the Viewer User role opens the Table

6) Remove from Table - This will remove the field or measure from the Table

7) Create Filter - This will enable a filter to be created for this field or measure 

8) Move Right - This will move this column or row right one over. Depending on the Location of the column or row, this option might also include 'Move Left', which would move this left one over