A Chart does not have to stay in its original format nor does it have to display the information in one way. Your Chart can be adjusted using the following five key functions:

  1.  Chart Type Selector
  2.  Data Level Filter
  3.  Hovering over a Point
  4.  Show/Hide Chart Values
  5.  Zoom In

Chart Type Selector

The Chart Type Selectoris located in the top, left-hand corner of the Chart and includes two options: Chart Types and Chart Format.

Chart Types

When 'Chart Types' is selected, a pop-up window will appear that includes a number of different Charts to choose from. Select the type that displays your information the best.

Chart Format

When 'Chart Format' is selected, a pop-up window will appear that provides access to updating multiple Chart settings, including the layout and naming of the X and Y Axes, the display of the chart itself, and other features.

Data Level Filter

The Data Level filter is a slider that helps to provide a range of detail that the final Chart will display. These are based on the fields and measures listed in the Column and Row Layouts.

Hovering over a Point

When you hover over a point, a pop-up box will display the exact values that make up that point in the chart.

Show / Hide Chart Values

By default, all selected measures will show in a chart, but you can quickly hide and show any measure by clicking its values in the Chart Legend.

Zoom In 

To zoom in on a specific portion of a chart, left click with your mouse, drag to highlight a specific portion of the chart, and then release the mouse. Repeat this process until you are zoomed in to the desired extent. Click the 'Reset Zoom' button to go back to original view.