Multi-Instance Switching enables Users who oversee multiple R365 instances the ability to switch between them using the same User ID. The Multi-Instance Switching menu provides this easy transition by listing all favorited instances as well as the five most recently-visited instances. When clicked, the selected instance will load. 

Users also have the ability to create nicknames for the instances that they oversee. This can be done by updating the 'Instance Nickname' column from within the Multi-Instance Switching page. Click here to learn how to update instance nicknames.

Since this feature provides access to multiple instances, it is important to note that you can log in to any one of your instances and have access to all; on the contrary, when you log out of one instance, you also log out of them all. 

  • Note: This feature is currently only available for Channel Partner Users.

Click here for more information on logging in to an instance that uses the Multi-Instance Switching feature.


When the Multi-Instance Switching feature is enabled, the Multi-Instance Switching menu appears immediately to the left of your username in the top ribbon. Hover over the Multi-Instance Switching menu to see favorited instances and the five most recently-visited instances. Navigate to the desired instance by clicking its name. 

The Multi-Instance Switching page can be opened by clicking 'My Instances' at the bottom of this menu. From this page, Users can search for specific instances, favorite instances, and enter in instance nicknames.

1) Search Bar - This will filter for a specific instance name or nickname

2) Recent - The five most recent instances viewed

3) All - A category that lists all of the instances available to the User

4) Favorites - A category that lists all of the instances that are marked as a 'Favorite', often times due to being most frequently visited by the User. To mark an instance as a 'Favorite', click the star iconnext to the instance name. This will grey out the star and mark it as a 'Favorite'

5) Instance / URL - A listing of all instances within the selected category

6) Instance Nickname - The nickname created for this instance. This will populate the Multi-Instance Switching menu in the top ribbon for all Users. Click here to learn more about instance nicknames

7) Group - A User-defined grouping for selected instances. All instances will initially be placed in 'Group 1', but more groupings can be created by contacting your CSM or R365 Support with a listing of instances organized by group number