If you are attempting to create a new User for Employee A and find a warning message appear noting that this email address is already in use, this means that the email address is saved on Employee A's Employee record. The only time when the same email address is used for both the Employee and User records is when they are linked by checking the 'Employee App Access' checkbox on the Employee record. 

To fix this error, make one of the following changes:

  1.  Recreate this User record by linking it to the Employee record
  2.  Update the email address on the User record

1) Recreate this User record by linking it to the Employee record

When a New User record is created separately from an Employee record, a warning message will appear notifying you that the email address is duplicated. To create a new User from their Employee record, exit this new User record and open the User's Employee record.


When the Employee record opens, check the 'Employee App Access' checkbox. This will automatically create a User record with the same information and only the Employee App Access User role. To add more User roles, navigate to the 'User Roles' tab on the User record and enter in the desired User role(s).

2) Update the Email Address on the User Record


If the current email already exists for a different User, use a different email address on this User record. This will enable you to save the other new User record which you are attempting to create since we have removed the duplicate email from use.