With the introduction of the Multi-Instance Switching feature, Partner Channel Users will be able to switch between instances with a single login. Users who are added to a multi-instance account will have modified User records to reflect the updated login requirements. Click here to view the Partner Channel User ID Update Announcement.

The following screens will be updated:

  1.  User Record
  2.  Setup Assistant

New Users

When saving a new User record on a multi-instance account, the email address entered will receive a welcome email that includes a link to the instance and instructions to create a new password. This email address will then serve as part of their log in credentials.

For each instance that a User will need access to, that User must have one User record with the same email address created on each instance. This User will receive only one welcome email after the first User record is created.

Existing Users

After a new User record is created, the User record and the 'Users & Setup' section of Setup Assistant will be restructured based on the updated login requirements.

User Record

The User record will be updated to include the following fields.

1) Full Name - The full name of the User

2) Default Location - The Default Location of the User. This is the Location that the User works at most regularly. This value will also set the Default Location for the Manager Daily Comment as well as other Manager functions throughout the system

3) Mobile Number - The Mobile Phone number of the User

  • Note: Ensure that this is entered in the following format: XXXXXXXXXX

4) User Email - The User Email Address. This is used for the User's login credentials and the User's initial welcome email. It also is used for password reset purposes and other email functions throughout the system

  • Note: This field will be read-only after the record is initially saved

5) Inactive Checkbox - In the event that a team member leaves your organization after being recorded in R365, the User record cannot be deleted but rather flagged as 'Inactive' by checking this checkbox. Once checked, the User's User Roles will be removed to ensure that the User is unable to log in to the system

  • Note: If a User was marked as active again, User Roles would need to be added back to the User record to enable the User access to the system

6) Reset Password Button - When clicked, this button will send a Password Reset email to the User using the email address saved on this record

Setup Assistant

When adding a User via Setup Assistant, include the User's full name and email address before saving. Similarly to the User record, the User email listed will be used as the User's login and for the User's initial welcome email.

A User can have their password reset by opening the 'Edit User' pop-up box by double-clicking the User's name within the 'Users' section of the 'Users and Security' menu in Setup Assistant and clicking 'Reset Password'. A Password Reset email will be sent to the email address saved on the record.