If a R365 Payment does not go through, it could be for the following reasons:

  1.  You are leaving the Submission Loading screen before the payment is complete. 
    • Solution: Resubmit the payment and wait to see the successful confirmation message.
  2.  The Vendor is not correctly setup for R365 Payments or the address and email are not correctly entered.
    • Solution: Return to the Vendor record and ensure that the information is entered correctly.
      • Note: The Zip code should not contain more than 6 characters (do not include the 4 supplementary characters) and there should be no special characters in the address fields (.,:;#@-*).
  3.  The Vendor is not capable of an ACH Payment. 
    • Solution: Confirm with your Vendor that ACH Payments are allowed. If not, ensure that you mark 'Check' for this Vendor's payment.
  4.  A comma or apostrophe has been entered into the 'Name', 'Check Name', or 'Default Check Memo' box under the 'Vendor Additional Info' tab in R365.
    • Solution: Make sure that the 'Name', 'Check Name', or 'Default Check Memo' box under the 'Vendor Additional Info' tab are correctly entered and then resubmit your payment.

If all of the above reasons do not apply, the payment may have a status of 'Not Sent' due to the payment window being closed before the payment was complete or having a connection issue occur, preventing the payment from being finalized. 

To resend the payment, simply click 'Send to R365 Payments' under the 'Action' menu in the top ribbon of the desired payment.

For other issues, contact R365 Support for additional help. Click here to learn more about R365 Payments.