Restaurant365 is integrating a new Bank Activity Service Provider to help strengthen bank connections, decrease processing times, and enhance User experience! 

To prepare for this transition, it is crucial to remove your current bank connections through the original provider in Restaurant365 and then manually reconnect to your banks using the new provider. Unfortunately, there is no way to directly transition from one provider to another due to security access information when connecting your banks; however, this process can be easily completed by following the steps below.

Disconnect your Bank(s) from the Legacy Service Provider

Open the Bank Activity window by hovering over 'Banking' in the top ribbon and clicking 'Get Bank Activity'.

When the window opens, click 'Manage Bank Connections' in the top ribbon. This will open a pop-up window with a listing of all your Bank Connections. These connections can be removed by bank or by individual account.

Unlink by Bank

To unlink all Bank Accounts for a selected bank, click the trash can icon listed at the opposite end of the bank's row and confirm the deletion in the confirmation prompt that appears. Repeat this for all necessary banks.

Unlink by Individual Account

Locate the bank accounts that you wish to relink to the new provider and unlink each account by clicking the 'Unlink' button. Once unlinked, the accounts can be deleted individually under a given bank by clicking the trash can iconnext to 'Link' in each bank account row. Confirm the deletion in the Warning prompt. Repeat for each account until all accounts are deleted.

Once all accounts are deleted, the banks will disappear from the list, causing you to be disconnected from the service provider.

Connect your Bank(s) to the New Service Provider


Return back to your Bank Activity window and click 'Manage Bank Connections' in the top ribbon to open the Manage Bank Connections pop-up window. Click 'Add Bank' to open the 'Select a Site' page.

Select the bank that you use or, if you cannot find your bank, enter the name of the bank in the 'Don't see your institution? Search here.' search bar. 

Because there may be more than one connection to a given bank, ensure that the bank you are selecting is the exact bank name and URL provided by the bank. After verifying the correct bank name and URL, click it and then log in using the correct login credentials for your bank in the 'Log In' window. Click 'Submit' to process your login request, and once successfully logged in, a listing of your bank accounts will appear.

Continue to add more bank connections by clicking the 'Link Another Site' button and repeating the connection steps.

When all banks are connected, close out of the window. You can then view a list of all bank accounts that were reconnected on the Manage Bank Connections pop-up window.

  • Note: Not all accounts that appeared when connecting to the bank will appear. Restaurant365 does not connect to all accounts as not all are necessary to restaurant management needs. For example, while Cash Type accounts will be pulled into Restaurant365, investment, load, and insurance accounts will not come into the system.

Your banks are now connected with the new service provider! You can now link them to a R365 Bank Account and begin pulling activity for those accounts.