The Employee Console displays a quick view into Employee Statistics, including errors on payroll, number of active Employees, and any updated Employee information. Alerts for Manager Approval of new hires or Employee record updates will be listed in yellow highlighted boxes under the listed Employee Statistics.

An 'Employee Options' tile includes navigation to all Employee windows: new Employee record, a list of Employees, individual Employee records, and a Notifications Center that lists a log of all notifications sent out. All Employee information lives within this console.

Additional Analytics Tiles

Analytics Tiles can be added to this screen by clicking the large plus signnext to the 'Employee Options' tile. Analytics include Employee Analytics charts for a quick view into Employee turnover, tenure, and more.

Training Resources

Add Employee

Creating Employee records allow for necessary Payroll information to be stored and organized within APS Payroll. Click here to learn about how to create an Employee record.

Employee List

When an Employee record is created, it is saved in the Employee List. If an Employee record needs to be updated, this list provides the tools necessary to find the necessary record among a large list of Employees. Click here to learn more about the Employee List.

Employee Records

The Employee record lists the individual information of the Employee as it pertains to their employment status, benefits, tax information, and more. If any information is changed or outdated, the Employee record must be updated to show that. Click here for more information on Employee records.

Notifications Center

The Notifications Center provides a listing of all email and text correspondences between Manager and Employee. Click here to learn more about the Notifications Center.