The Employee List displays all saved Employee records in the system. From this list, the desired Employee record can be opened so that necessary updates can be made. Learn more about the Employee Console here.


To navigate to the Employee List, click 'Employee' in the top ribbon and then 'Employee List' or click 'Employee List' in the 'Employee Options' tile. Once clicked, the Employee List will populate the screen.

Employee List

This window includes five main action options:

1) Search Bar - This bar provides a more general search, and allows Users to search by name, Employee ID number, or Social Security Number

2) Last Name Filter - This lists the Employee's Last Names by the selected letter

3) Notify - This button will open a notification modal that will allow a message to be set to a selected Employee either by their listed phone number or email address

4) Advanced Filter - A drop-down list that allows the User to filter by:

  • Department
  • Location
  • Pay Group
  • Wage Type
  • Employment Type
  • Employee Type

5) Page Navigation - This navigational bar allows for an easy transition between different pages of listed Employees

When an Employee is clicked, their Employee record will open. Click here to learn more about editing and updating Employee records.