The Payroll Console includes important payroll functions, such as the creation and approval of Payroll Batches and Prepay Checks and remotely print checks. All payroll navigation can occur from this screen.

This screen lists two defaulted tiles: 'Payroll Options' and 'Recent Payroll Activity'. The 'Payroll Options' tile includes immediate access to the different aspects of payroll, including incomplete Payroll Batches that need to be submitted and/or approved. The 'Recent Payroll Activity' tile lists the Unposted Items, or the amount of checks that need to be printed or voided.

Additional Analytics Tiles

Analytics Tiles can be added to this screen by clicking the large plus signnext to the 'Recent Payroll Activity' tile. Analinclude Payroll Alerts, Payroll Expenses, and Overtime Pay tracking charts.

Training Resources

Create Payroll Batch

Payroll Batches must be completed for Employees to receive their allotted paychecks. Click here to learn more information about how to Create a Payroll Batch.

Create Prepay Check

Prepay Checks are often used when Employees receive a bonus or additional pay outside of their normal scheduled check. Click here to learn more information about how to Create a Prepay Check.

Remote Check Printing

Individual checks can be printed through Remote Check Printing. Only Users who have signed up for Remote Check Printing will have the ability to print checks remotely. Click here to learn more information on Remote Check Printing.