ACA Alerts is a part of the HR Console. Click here for more information on the HR Console.

The ACA Alerts dashboard lists all topics related to the Affordable Care Act (ACA) and your company, if it is considered an Applicable Large Employer. This dashboard will be configured during Implementation and will house all information in regards to the Employees who qualify for ACA.


To open this dashboard, click 'ACA Alerts' either under the 'HR' menu in the top ribbon or in the 'HR Options' tile in the HR Console.

ACA Alerts Dashboard 

1) Company Periods - This section lists the company's current measurement, administrative, and stability periods

2) Eligible Employees - This section lists the variable hour Employees who are eligible for benefits. This is decided from the information gathered during the measurement period 

3) Allow Benefit Enrollment for Selected Employees - This button authorizes the selected Employees to enroll in benefits through

4) Dismiss Alerts for Selected Employees - This button removes the Employee from the 'Eligible Employees' list

5) Alerts - The notifications in regards to ACA will be listed here. These notifications include:

  • Employee is not eligible for coverage
  • Employee is in the initial measurement period
  • Employees are in the standard measurement period
  • Eligible employees were not offered coverage
  • Part-time employees are not marked as ACA Variable Hour
  • ACA Variable Hour employees are not marked as Part-time