The Manage Individual Enrollment window is a part of the HR Console. Click here for more information on the HR Console.

Employee benefits can be easily viewed and updated through the Manage Individual Enrollments window, where a listing of Employee records and their benefits information is stored. 


To open this window, click the 'Manage Individual Enrollments' under the 'HR' menu in the top ribbon or in the 'HR Options' tile. 

Manage Individual Enrollments Window

1) Employee List - A list of all Employees entered in the system. Expand this pane to transition between Employee records

2) Current Benefits - This tab displays a listing of the current benefit plan elections. On this tab, coverage can be terminated (#7) and a Confirmation Statement can be generated

3) Pending Benefits - This tab displays a listing of Employee-selected benefits. Selected benefits can be approved or denied on this tab

4) Past Benefits - This tab displays the past enrollments in previous years. Using the 'Show Enrollments For' filter will allow a User to view existing benefits plans for each year

5) Available Benefits - This tab displays available Employee benefit and coverage options. On this tab, the User can select the desired plan(s) and coverage options for the Employee

  • Note: If an Employee needs coverage for his/her dependents, they must be entered on the 'Dependent / Beneficiary List' (#6) first before selecting the necessary options

6) Dependent / Beneficiary List - This tab lists the Employee's beneficiaries and dependents

7) Terminate Coverage - This will end coverage for the corresponding benefit

8) Back to Benefits Administration - This will navigate the User to the Benefits Administration window