Document Management is a part of the HR Console. Click here for more information on the HR Console.

The Document Management window is where all company documents are managed and stored. While multiple file types can be uploaded, only PDF documents can be signed using the eSignature feature.


Documents can compile quickly, so it is important to set up Document Categories to help organize documents as they are uploaded. These are User-created and can be customized based on your Organization.

To begin creating Document Categories, navigate to the Admin Console and click 'Employee Select Lists' under 'Options'. On the Employee Select Lists screen, click 'Document Categories' to open the category modal and begin creating custom categories.


Open this window by clicking 'Document Management' under the 'HR' menu located in the top ribbon or in the 'HR Options' tile.

Document Management Window

1) Document Update Alert - This alert will display the amount of documents uploaded by Employees for the current month

2) Employee Documents - This tab displays all uploaded Employee documents

3) Company Documents - This tab lists any documents that will be available to Employees

4) Benefit Plan Documents - This tab lists the documents linked to a specific benefit plan

5) Onboarding Documents - This tab displays the uploaded new hire documents

6) Attached Documents - This tab lists all of the documents attached to goals and performance reviews

On any of the tabs listed above, double-clicking a document line item will allow the User to edit the details of that document.