Company Newsfeed is a part of the HR Console. Click here for more information on the HR Console.

The Company Newsfeed Dashboard displays a record of all announcements, reminders, and postings made to Employees. Posts can be created from this screen as well and sent to Employees via email.


Open the Company Newsfeed through the 'HR' menu in the top ribbon or the 'HR Options' tile.

Company Newsfeed Dashboard

1) Create Post - This button allows a new post to be created through a pop-up modal. Once a post is saved from this modal, an additional modal will enable the post to be emailed to Employees and displayed in their eSELFSERVE accounts. The initial modal is displayed below.

This modal contains two sections:

  • Post Content - The title and the main message of the post, which can be formatted as needed
  • Post Settings - The Category (select from User-created categories), the Start Date (if not set, the post will publish immediately), and the End Date (if not set, the post will remain indefinitely)

2) View / Edit Post Categories - This button provides a modal where categories can be created and managed

3) Search Bar - This bar will allow the User to search for posts in the listing

4) View Selector - This selector will filter posts based on their status:

  • Displayed
  • Scheduled
  • Total

Company Newsfeed posts will be listed on the Employee's eSELFSERVE for them to view as well as sent directly to their listed email addresses. The number of post views will be displayed on the Company Newsfeed Dashboard, along with option to notify those Employees who have not viewed it yet.