eSignatures is a part of the HR Console. Click here for more information on the HR Console.

The eSignatures screen lists all documents that require a signature by the Employee. The listing displays the Employee name, Department, Hire Date, the Document Title, the Status of the Employee's signature, and more, providing a brief view into the amount of Employees who have signed the necessary documents. 

A signature can be requested or removed and an Employee can be reminded to sign documents through the Document Management window. After opening this window, click the 'Company Documents' tab and then double-click on the first line item. This will open a modal of that document's details, but by clicking 'eSignature' just below the top ribbon of the modal, a listing of all Employee names and the status of their eSignatures will appear. Clicking the checkbox(es) next to the desired Employee name(s) will allow the action buttons at the bottom of the modal to be accessed. 


To open this window, click 'eSignatures' in either the 'HR' menu or the 'HR Options' tile.