At times, an AP Invoice will need to be put on hold when a charge is disputed or an error occurred during billing. By putting that invoice on hold, it can be stopped from being paid in error. 

A Payment Hold is active and can be toggled on when the Amount Remaining is above zero. Regardless of whether the invoice is marked as Approved or Unapproved, the toggle can be updated at any time should the Amount Remaining be greater than zero and the Mark as Paid toggle is off. 

When an AP Invoice is marked as having a Payment Hold, it will be prevented from appearing in the Check Run screen and have an impact on the following screens:

  • AP Transactions List
  • AP Payment
  • AP Credit Memo

When an AP Invoice is marked as having a Payment Hold, it will impact Bank Expenses related to the Vendor in the following ways:

  • The Vendor will not appear in the Vendor drop-down on Bank Expenses
  • Bank Expenses cannot be added to Bank Activity coded to the Vendor

It is important to note that when the Amount Remaining equals zero, the Payment Hold toggle will automatically be turned off and cannot be updated.

AP Transactions List

The status of a Payment Hold can be viewed and updated from the AP Transactions list. To update the status of a Payment Hold, check the desired transactions and navigate to the 'Edit Selected' menu located just above the AP Transactions list. Hover over 'Payment Hold' and update to the desired Payment Hold status. A modal will then appear with a confirmation message noting the amount of transactions that were successfully and unsuccessfully updated.

AP Payment and AP Credit Memos

When an AP Invoice is on hold, it will not be displayed on the 'Apply' tab of either the AP Payment or AP Credit Memo. However, if an amount of the payment being viewed was applied to the invoice prior to the invoice being placed on hold, the invoice will be displayed with 'Payment Hold' attached to the invoice number and will include a grayed out checkbox under the 'Apply' column.