The Cut Over Process Cut Over is the process of closing out the previous period in your Legacy Software and starting the new period in Restaurant365 from the Cut Over date moving forward. When you close the previous period, all Legacy Ending Balances will match R365's Beginning Balances, and your daily tasks will shift to those learned during your Onboarding process.

Any transactions included in R365 that list a date earlier than your Cut Over date will be deleted from the system, and any transactions from the date of your Cut over onward will be entered in R365. 

Task Timeline

Ensure that the below tasks are sent to your Accounting Coach when the following events are completed:

  1.  AP Aging - Prior to when you next need to cut checks to Vendors
  2.  AR Aging - Once your previous period has been closed and finalized
  3.  GL Trial Balance - Once your previous period has been closed and finalized
  4.  Uncleared Bank Transactions - Once you have completed your last Bank Reconciliation through your previous period close
    • Note: For AP Invoices entered in your Legacy Software but that are paid after the Cut Over Date, enter those as Beginning Balance AP Invoices in R365