As Delivery becomes utilized more in the Restaurant Industry, it is important to note the best practices surrounding how to record Delivery Services in R365. When Delivery Services are imported from your POS, they can be mapped to one of the following accounts:

  • AR Account (AR GrubHub, AR DoorDash, or AR UberEats)
  • Undeposited Funds 

Review the benefits and drawbacks of each account mapping and decide what is best for you and your organization.

AR Account

Using an AR Account to record Delivery Services is the recommended format in R365. Doing so does not make this process as time sensitive for the User and allows you to reconcile your third party delivery expected revenue at the end of each week. 

To use an AR Account, follow these steps:

  1.  DSS Imports Automatically
  2.  Create an AR Journal Entry when you receive the bill. This allows you the opportunity to record Cash, Third Party Fees, and Taxes in a debit/credit format 

Undeposited Funds

Using Undeposited Funds should occur only in the simplest of situations. Using the Undeposited Funds account will allow you to reconcile your third party revenue at the end of each week similar to how you would reconcile cash and credit card deposits.

To use Undeposited Funds, follow these steps:

  1.  Map Delivery Services from DSS into Undeposited Funds
  2.  When the Payment hits the bank account, debit the Delivery Service Expense as an adjustment in the Bank Deposit window