As an Accountant, it is important to follow certain daily, weekly, and monthly tasks to ensure your books tie out. Review the lists and resources provided below on these processes.

Additional resources are recommended throughout via the R365 Academy, which can be opened via the Help menu of your R365 instance.

Daily Process Checklist

☐  Check your To Do Checklist

  • Map Payment Type Accounts
  • Map Sales Accounts
  • Map Job Titles
  • Map Missing Vendor Items

☐  Approve your AP Invoices from integrated vendors

☐  Maintain Documents to Process

  • Stay on top of processing these invoices and credit memos so that it doesn't become overwhelming
    • R365 Academy - View the 'Enter an AP Invoice' and 'Enter an AP Credit Memo' videos, located under 'Accounts Payable' and then 'Invoicing', for a walk through of these processes

☐  Process Daily Sales Summaries

  • Enter in cash deposits
  • Approve DSS

☐  Process Daily Banking Activity

  • Process transactions from unmatched and rule applied tabs 
    • R365 Academy - View the 'Bank Activity Overview' and 'Bank Rules', located under 'Banking' and then 'Bank Activity', for a walk through of these processes

Bi-Weekly Process Checklist

☐  Post Payroll JE after confirming the following:

  • Payroll JE date matches the payroll end date
  • Confirm that all DSS in the payroll period have been approved


☐  Run GL Account Detail for accrued payroll to confirm reversal 

Monthly Process Checklist

☐  Bank Reconciliation

  • R365 Academy - View 'Bank Reconciliation', located under 'Banking' and then 'Bank Reconciliation', for a walk through of this process

☐  Review Financial Reports